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Tectoniks featured 11
  • Ontario's Celebration Zone
  • Two iconic inflatable pavilions built in just 10 weeks by Tectoniks for Ontario's Celebration Zone at the 2015 Pan American Games.
  • Location: Toronto | Year: 2015 | Size: 60m x 25m
Tectoniks featured 10
  • Retractable Enclosure for Lockheed Martin
  • Tectoniks designed, manufactured and delivered a one-of-a-kind structure to protect high-value assets. The unique, rail-mounted structure features a huge 7m wide by 17.5m high roller door comprised of inflatable elements.
  • Location: Pacific Test Range | Year: 2013 | Size: 14m x 14m x 20m
Tectoniks featured inflatable event structure 8
  • Dreamforce
  • A 100m long custom event structure built for Dreamforce - the world's largest software conference. Comprised of six modules, this huge structure was installed in a single night to cover one of the main thoroughfares in the heart of San Francisco.
  • Location: San Francisco | Year: 2013/14 | Size: 100m x 18m
Tectoniks featured inflatable event structure 4
  • World of Coca-Cola
  • A custom-built 1600 sq.m. (17,000 sq.ft.) event structure for the Coca-Cola World touring exhibition - a five year tour visitng 28 cities and covering 13,800 km.
  • Location: Turkey | Year: 2012 | Size: 81m x 36m
Tectoniks featured inflatable event structure 1
  • BBC "In the Night Garden - Live"
  • The live stage version of BBC Television's hugely popular TV show 'In the Night Garden' undertook a five year national tour in a custom-made portable event structure designed and built by Tectoniks.
  • Location: UK | Year: 2010 onwards | Size: 66m x 37m
Tectoniks featured inflatable event strucrture 2
  • South Hook LNG Inauguration
  • Tectoniks supplied an inflatable 35 metre dome to serve as the event venue for the inauguration ceremony of the South Hook LNG terminal in South Wales. The event was attended by six members of the British and Qatari royal families.
  • Location: UK | Year: 2009 | Size: 35m diameter